Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Little Baby

And here she is again. Looking well fed, don't you think? Actually, she was a little overcooked in the womb, but she doesn't seem too upset.

By the way, the posting times that are displayed seem to be the times my posts hit the USA. The baby is sleeping rather well, really.


Chelsea Rae Pietsch said...

Hello Gentle Wah. You are very sweet. I think you would make a fine Chinese Evangelist. You have an oriental charm yourself. How's your Mummy going?

Fraser Pearce said...

Do you know that when I was born I looked rather chinese? I had lots of black hair and my skin was yellow (I was rather jaundiced, apparently). I'm told that people at the hospital though that my (ethnically) Chinese uncle was my father.
So, I think it's fitting that Gentle Wah should have an oriental charm!