Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tomorrow’s Stephen Bradbury?

Yesterday Oscar ‘the boy’ had his first school sports day. For a lad who would, left to his own devices, spend his waking hours doing nothing but playing ‘Demolition Derby’ and ‘Ratchet and Clank’ on the PS2, he showed remarkable athletic prowess. No doubt you have already read about the triumphant nature of his efforts in the Sport section of the Age. Perhaps one day, should the real contenders crash in a heap just before the finish line, he will be good to win a gold medal at the Olympics.

The real charm of his performance was his ‘never give up’ and ‘never think things through’ attitude. In two of the races that I saw, after he went over the finish line he turned around and headed, at top speed, back to the start, with, on at least one occasion, his competitors in train. I could only yell out in encouragement ‘Go Forest’.

For this post I’ve included a picture of the boy from a couple of months back. He was sick, and so was still (i.e. not moving, and therefore photographable).

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