Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Girls

And here's three photos of the girls. Cesca at 'pirate day'; Emmanuelle in a good mood; and Cesca after having her hair curled for 'pirate day'.

A note about 'pirate day': Only after I picked Cesca up did I realize that ‘pirate day’ actually involved the children coming to kindergarten in order to spend the day illegally downloading and burning music and movies. I must say that I felt a little foolish getting her all dressed up. Then again, the constable found my proclaimed ignorance of the nature of the activity somewhat plausible when I picked Cesca up from the station. If her teacher makes bail they'll be back as a class for 'internet fraud day' which should be a real hoot.


Schütz said...

Good grief, Emmanuelle looks so much like Cesca when she was little. Astounding!

suedom said...

Gentle Wah is a lot like her beautiful older sister, but with a much more Meggy nose...I miss her :-)