Friday, December 14, 2007

Update on Emmanuelle

I've just got back from the hospital with Meg and Emmanuelle. The tests didn't turn anything up, and the diagnosis is that whatE has is viral; which is, I assume, good news. Anyhow, E is home, and her face is looking so sweet that I'm concerned some bees will try to shove her in their hive.

After not getting much sleep in the hospital last night, M and E are looking forward to some decent rest.

Thanks for your prayers.

The hospital stay proved beyond doubt (if there ever was any) that E is Feisty with a capital F. The staff couldn't stick needles in her, of poke her abdomen, or attach her to various pieces of apparatus without her cracking it.

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Martin Scharnke said...

Thanks be to God for making Emmanuelle feisty!