Thursday, July 26, 2007

David Preus and Sara Butler

In the last week attended a talk given by LCMS theologian Daniel Preus on the JDDJ. I am grateful to have had the chance to hear a Missouri theologian make informed comment on the JDDJ. In due course I'll put up a post on aspects of the talk (and my own response to it).

In the last week I've also been reading Sara Butler's 'The Catholic Priesthood and Women: A Guide to the Teaching of the Church'. This is a very impressive (and wonderfully concise) book that gives a clear presentation of magisterial teaching on this controversial issue. Since Schutz has done a great post on this (and since I can't be bothered writing any more tonight), if you're interested check out what he says

This isn't much of a post, is it?


Sch├╝tz said...

No. Not really.

Do you have the text or a recording of the session with Preuss? I would be interested in the points he made. Did you think it was a balanced response? Positive or negative?

Glad that Butler appeals. What do you think of her method?

Fraser Pearce said...

Apparently there is a text of the session (I don't have it).

Preus did a good job - but I had some questions which I will eventually write up properly and put on this blog (I've started, but it takes me time).

Butler's noting the distinction between Reasons and Explanations I thought was well done. I think this way of understanding theology is becoming more important to me.