Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back Again

Well, I'm back again after Easter, with nothing much to Blog about just yet. Blogging (and, for me, reading blogs) can be addicative; the Lenten 'fast' from blog reading and writing was refreshing, but I'm enjoying having a look at what's been put our there since I switched off on Ash Wednesday!

Good to see that Peter Holmes has a site. What happened to Marco's 'Confused Anglopapist'?

Any other new sites I should be looking at?


Marco Vervoorst said...

Still there! Just changed a little of the look and, did I forget to mention, allegiances.

Fraser Pearce said...

Dear Marco,

I'll have to look back at your blog. have you written about your change of allegiance there?

Marco Vervoorst said...

Have I written? Hmmm... yes! Anyone reading the blog could have guessed some time ago - except me of course.

We'll be coming through your way on our way to Melbourne. Might be able to arrange something!


Peter said...

Good to have you back! :)

I agree that reading blogs can be addictive. I was saying to David last week that it may well be an attempt to recapture those wonderful times we had just sitting around discussing whatever came to mind. All I need now is a glass of port...


Schütz said...

Cooee and Happy Easter, Ol' Cobber! Glad you could rejoin us!

Re the addiction of blogging: Look at it this way: Life is full of addictions--but we only have room for so many. Among all these, blogging takes so much time and effort it has the effect of driving out at least 7 other demons!

And by the way, have you noticed something about your three commentators so far? Now we can play "One of These Things is Not Like the Others... Yet".

Stop it, Schütz, you're being naughty...

Now we are just waiting for Tom to remember that Lent is over.

Fraser Pearce said...

Dear Marco,

We'd love to see you and the family. Please send me an email to make contact that way (or I'll see if you're on my address list).

Dear Peter,

A pipe might be nice also!

Dear David,

You are naughty but I like you.

In Christ,