Friday, January 12, 2007


Yesterday evening we had dinner at the Pietsch's. Before the meal Oscar went outside with Tom and Jordan to have a hit of cricket. The bat they used was just about full sized, and so quite heavy. Oscar was concerned about this. Why?

"When I get 50 I won't be able to raise it above my head".

If he had said "When I get a double century I won't be able to put it above my head" I would have been particulalry impressed. But nevertheless, the boy has attitude.

For the statisticians out there: He got 4. With help.

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danraven said...

Twas a nice evening indeed. There may be some debate as to the cricket score though. Oscar was convinced he hit 4 4s. Maybe the boundary was brought in.

P.S. I notice you tagged me previously, so I will respond in the near future.